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Feb 15

Brewing at Upslope

by Lillian Chatham

A couple weeks ago the Crafty Ladies got the privilege of brewing a beer with Sam Scruby at Upslope Brewing. The day was filled with lots of hands on brewing, beer, and fun! The day started early with an 8 am bus ride to Boulder but Upslope made it all better when they served us Coffee Brown as a morning welcome :) (Foreign-Style Stout on Nitro shown in picture)

 photo P1317476_zpsd455601f.jpg

Before the brewing process begins, all the malts must be measured. Part of this process involves changing out that huge bag when it runs out. This is something they do on a regular basis…someone rides on top of the bag while they get lifted up. The bag is taken off and replaced. Sound like a fun daily job? I guess it just becomes a part of the routine :)

 photo P1317410_zpsc4df13f4.jpg photo dff2e712-282d-4232-b4b8-672e8b536c21_zps6240b709.jpg

The next task was heating up the water to get it ready for all the malts. This task, since we had already worked so hard, called for another beer :)

 photo P2017485_zps2bd06bdd.jpg

Getting the malts into the boiling water took some team work. With a long, heavy rod we had to reach and knock the release handle to let all the malts into the mash.
 photo P1317441_zps06392bfb.jpg photo P1317444_zps82bb4621.jpg photo P1317450_zpscba97db3.jpg
It took three of our crafty ladies to get the job done. The rest of the team supported from the audience and cheered once the task was complete!

 photo P1317451_zpsee56f853.jpg

There were lots of helpers in the process. It must have been fun for Sam to have all of us taking roles along the way...twenty of us were doing one person's job :)

 photo P2017494_zps269410f2.jpg photo P2017510_zpsb54fe842.jpg photo P2017531_zpsccc6679a.jpg photo P1317478_zps96514a77.jpg
Though we mostly played, there was some work and learning too ;) Sam spoke about the progress of the beer in every step of brewing and we got to taste along the way from the sugary water to the final hops. 

 photo P2017481_zps7d3e2900.jpg

The Crafty Ladies got some awesome, new Upslope apparel and showed it off with a beer in hand of course ;)
 photo P2017565_zps437cb6cb.jpg photo P2017546_zpse9159bf3.jpg
It took some time to warm up and get cozy but after a couple beers and learning one of the brewery secrets, a dance party definitely began when Ke$ha came on the radio :)

 photo P2017571_zpsa894a1a8.jpg

Sam is the Man. We had a great day at Upslope Brewing and are so glad they let us join them for a day of brewing. Thanks to Sam and everyone else at Upslope!

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The Black Saison will be ready soon so stay tuned for the tap party at Highland Tap and Burger.

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